Monsoonblue® STORY

Monsoonblue® is a unique online furniture retailer with a simple goal of producing and selling an exceptional product at a genuinely competitive cost. We use solid Ash and five-ply construction, and ship free within the continental US. Developed in the USA and crafted in the Americas and distant lands that share our love for craftsmanship and cultural expressiveness. 

We realize that you as a consumer have other furniture store choices available to you, and we encourage you to compare our design, quality, and value. We at Monsoonblue® are a collective group of deeply passionate professionals that have been in the furniture industry for over 30 years. The design, the production, the store, and the factory are one vested group operating under one roof. There are no agents, no wholesalers, and no middle sales channels.

Follow us throughout our journey as we continue to grow, and I hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed making them for you.